PhD Program Listings

PhD Program List

Clinical and Translational Rehabilitation Science

  • DPT-PhD Program Available: False
  • Must be a PT to enroll: False
  • Area(s) of Focus: rehabilitation science, neuromuscular control of movement in health and disease (i.e. stroke, MS, sport injury), sensory perception and pain, biomechanics, exercise for special populations, the aging neuromuscular system, obesity and weight management
  • Program Director: Dr. Paula Papanek
  • Website:
  • Program Email:
  • Avg. time to Degree (yrs): 5
  • Students Enrolled (total): 8
  • Typical # Admitted / yr: 2
  • Program Format *: Full Time Only
  • PhD Program Structure: Program is in the same department or division as the PT program in the institution
  • Policy for Funding of Part Time PhD Students: Tuition and fees usually covered, but not guaranteed
  • Policy for Funding of Full Time PhD Student: Tuition and fees usually covered, but not guaranteed

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